On Saturday morning, August 28, 2010, we left for Bakkhali. Apart from me in the team, Sabyasachi, Ayan, Suman, Nairita and Kakoli.

About The Route from Kolkata

Our journey started at 6.30 am at a Tata Sumo from Hadko Junction in Ultadanga. All but Suman and I were raised from Hadco, we were from Hayat and Ruby junctions respectively. Then E M Byepass our car went to Baruipur via Narendrapur at Kamalgazi junction.

From there we reached the mango floor through the inner alleys. There are more known roads to this amtala, which can be taken from Khidirpur to Diamond Harbour Road. But the chances of traffic on that road are high, so our road is better. Then I reached Diamond Harbour from Amtala along Diamond Harbour Road. The car stopped here for fifteen minutes. There is a place to have tea, some tiffin can also be done if you want, as there is still a delay in reaching Bakkhali. The natural beauty of Diamond Harbour is very beautiful, the Ganges is very wide here, and small boats run in the water which looks beautiful.


Then after another hour, the name will fall. The distance from Kolkata to Namkhana is a little over 150 km. Here vessels have to cross the river. All in all, it’s funny, bus lorry Maruti Sumo goes straight from jetty to vessel, and the whole thing goes to the other side of the river with everything. The jetty fare for Sumo is Tk. 30 and the vessel’s fare is Rs 160. Both are government fixed and bills are also available. Of these, 30 rupees are no longer to be paid on the way back, but for that, the bill has to be kept with you. A lot of fishing trawlers can be seen standing or walking in this name and very fresh fish are also available very cheaply here.


The distance from Namkhana to Bakkhali is 35-40 km, and this road is also very beautiful. Our driver’s hand is very good, in less than an hour we reached Bakkhali. There are hotels on either side of the road, our booking was at the Dolphin Hotel, it was not difficult to find.


Experience of Hotels


I’m not giving many details of the hotel, but I can say that dolphin sour is one of the gham hotels in Bakkhali, and the rent for its Double Bed Non AC rooms is Rs. 500 (although we got rs. 400 with discount) but I realized that the rooms were not suitable for living. It is not a good decision to book this room especially for those who are choosy about hotel rooms while visiting. There are Double Bed AC on the second floor and Double Bed AC Deluxe rooms on the third floor, but if you want, the rent can be reduced to half without using AC.

The hotel food is good, and the dining area is good. After eating, we went to the sea to wish. Here’s very useful information that we cheated on. During hotel booking in Kolkata, we were told to walk 5 minutes from our hotel to the sea, which is complete┬ánonsense. First of all, there is no hotel near Bakkhali Beach and there is no question of walking from a hotel to the beach. The other way to go to a local van is not to go to your car. And it will take 5-10 minutes to get from the dolphin hotel to the beach by car.




The beauty of Nature – Exploring Beach


The beach is beautiful but disappointed to see the sea. We went to see around 3 pm, there were no waves in the seawater. No, I don’t mean. One cannot distinguish from a big river by looking at it. Pastures can be seen in the middle. Then the sea was breaking, even though it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm, and I spent two hours in that undulating sea. The rest is customary, wet or half-dry clothes to return to the hotel and then ask for another round.

In the evening we went back to the beach. This time too there is no speed without a car. Even though there are no hotels near the beach, there are a number of dining places, so was the evening snack from one place. The price of food is very cheap, and the quality is not very good. The eight chicken pakora plates cost Rs 60.

Then I went to the sea and sat down. The look of the sea in the evening is completely different from noon. It was a tide in the evening when the sea seems to be the sea. Chairs are available for sitting by the sea at a rate of Rs 6 at Rs 20. The chair can sit till about 10 p.m. to enjoy the air and beauty of the sea, then the police no longer allow it. And if there is no plan to eat in the hotel, the dining area may not be open if it is delayed further.

We ate dinner at our evening restaurant. Together the bread was divided into chili-chicken fried rice chowmein orders. Needless to say, the cost of this meal is not much like that.

Then I returned to the hotel and lay down. The next morning we are supposed to go to see the sunrise at six o’clock.



In the morning, I got up in time and saw that the sky was covered with clouds, so there was no question of going. Instead, I drove out around seven o’clock to see Henry Island (I don’t know why the place is called Island because the place is connected to the mainland). It takes twenty minutes from our hotel to the car. The place is the site of the West Bengal government’s fisheries project, it requires tickets at the time of entry, Tk. 5 per head and Tk. 15 for the vehicle. We heard there was a tower that had a lot to see from the top. That is the main attraction. I saw and was disappointed. The tower means the roof of a three-story edifice and a place to see from it is a forest spread over the horizon (with no possibility of seeing a wild animal) and a far-flung sea. Naturally, it didn’t take long to see the place.


Feel the Waves on Your Body


Then i ate breakfast around nine o’clock and jumped into the sea. The sea for which the wind is empty, the sea that has waves, the sea we did not see the day before at noon. There were many other people at sea, the fun of wanting everyone together is different. Those who want it in the sea do not need to explain this thing, and it does not mean for those who have not. After two hours in the water, I had to get up reluctantly – it’s always mine and I believe many others like me.

The details thereafter are brief. I went to the hotel and wanted a second time and then checked out of the hotel and ate at the hotel. Then I drove back at 1 pm. On our way back, we received heavy rain at some places on the road, the rain was so heavy that at one point the car was about to stop, however, it was not needed in the end.

Come to namkhana and cross the river again and then straight to Diamond Harbour. Take a break of fifteen minutes here and go again. At six o’clock in the evening, we are again in our favourite city, Kolkata.


Key Points

1. The distance from Kolkata to Namkhana is 150 km, and Bakkhali is a little less than 200 km. We did all the roaming cars there so we had a total of 450 km.

2. From Kolkata to Namkhana train, there are continuous trains from Sealdah, but it is not right to decide to go by train without holidays. Because if you sit on a train from Sealdah, the commuters will pick up Baruipur. As a result, you may have to stand in the middle with a lot of luggage, which is not pleasant for a trip at all.

3. The bus of Bakkhali is also available directly from the bus depot on the ground floor, which is the best way to get to a fairly comfortable bus at a lower cost.

4. In addition to ‘Henry Island’ from Bakkhali, there is a ‘crocodile project’ which falls on the way from the hotel to the sea. I heard there were some crocodiles and deer here, but I can’t elaborate because we didn’t go here.

5. There is also a place to visit ‘Jambudweep’ which is not connected to the mainland, from Bakkhali to one place in the car and then to the launch. From our hotel, it was better not to go there during the monsoon because there is mud in different parts of the island and the launch people deliberately get down to places where people can’t travel much. So we didn’t even go to this place.

6. It is better not to expect a hi-fi hotel or restaurant to stay or eat in the air, so you should be disappointed. There is a place to live and eat fairly, that’s all.

7. For those who have the habit of shopping, there are only some shops near the sea to shop, and there is nothing else. The number of shops is very small and perhaps that is why the price of anything cannot be reduced almost. However, gifts may be available to be given to close relatives or friends.



Digha Puri Mandarmani Shankarpur Talsari Visittajpur Bakkhali is an empty option for those who want to go somewhere else nearby to see the sea. There’s nothing like that except the sea in Bakkhali, we didn’t expect. It doesn’t make sense to spend more than a night, so it’s not bad as a weekend trip. The place is very simple and that’s extraordinary. The place has a natural beauty that is never found in a very crowded place. Digha Puri is not like Mandarmani, let’s be empty with a few hotels and a quiet environment.

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